Last year we had “make and break a piñata” on our bucket list. It didn’t go quite as planned. We did make and break a piñata so we did accomplish that adventure on our bucket list. However, I thought I’d make this beautiful piñata with scallops like one I saw somewhere on the web. It was a disaster. An ugly disaster. When I started thinking about activities for Corbin’s Superhero Party and a piñata came to mind I almost dismissed it. Not one to back down from a chance to redo a mistake, I started brainstorming. I started to browse old comic book images online for inspiration. I thought about maybe doing a POW! or other word, a lightning bolt or a barbell. These options all seemed daunting to a piñata novice like myself. I finally found an idea when I saw a box marked TNT in one of the comics. EASY. I could make a piñata shaped like a bomb. [Side note: I thought very carefully about how to word that sentence. I had visions of SWAT showing up at my front door] Here’s a quick rundown of how we did it:


  • strips of newspaper
  • 4 bottles of Elmer’s glue
  • a big punch balloon
  • a bowl to set the balloon on
  • black acrylic paint
  • platinum metallic paint
  • duct tape
  • twine

Blow up your balloon. Use tape to hold down the knot at one end of the balloon and the loop that the string attaches to on the other end. Mix up some sticky goodness with a 3:1 ratio of glue to water. We mixed in a 9 x 14 dish. I think next time we might use a cookie sheet to make the mixture even shallower. Dip the strips in the glue mixture and then pinch the strip between your pointer and middle fingers and squeegee off the excess glue. Place the strips on the balloon. We did three layers of this, making sure to vary the direction in which we laid them. We lined our bowl with dry paper strips before leaving it all to dry. This way when it’s dry, it’s stuck to more newspaper and not to the bowl. We learned this the hard way as last year.

superhero pinata  pinata instructions, directions

how to pinata

 We let our piñata dry for about 36 hours. I painted it with black acrylic paint and then used metallic paint for the TNT. I cut a hole with an x-acto knife that was large enough to fill with candy. I put strips of duct tape around the outside of the hole. I was hoping to prevent the twine from ripping through the piñata once it was hung. It worked! I just poked some holes and strung the twine through. We have plant hooks hanging from our deck so we just attached it to one of those.  If I had to do it all over again I’d put more than the three layers of newspaper on it. It came down a bit faster than I expected and we had a couple sad kiddos who didn’t get a chance to try to break it open. Luckily, thanks to all that duct tape, the top of the piñata remained and the kids were happy to take turns trying to beat down the rest of it.

instructions for superhero pinata


We had the big party this weekend! It was awesome having everyone over to hang out for a couple hours, even if a few moments got chaotic. I have a post about the piñata coming up and the only other thing I really did was make a city skyline and a station to make superhero wristbands. For the wristbands I just bought foam sheets from Michaels, cut it into strips, and added hook-and-loop (AKA Velcro) to it. I put out markers and foam stickers and the kids went to town decorating. Easy peasy and the kids all enjoyed it.  Of course I didn’t get a picture of the actual station set up. Be patient with me, I’m not good at getting the in process pictures yet. You can see them in some of the pictures below

The skyline was made from three black tri-fold display boards (think science fair) and some yellow scrapbook paper. I looked up an image of the Minneapolis skyline and my husband free handed it on to the back of the display board. I used an X-acto knife to cut it out. If you aren’t careful, the black part of the cardboard can start peeling away. It was easy to cover it up, but annoying once I flipped over the display board looking for my perfect skyline. The other two boards were other cities’ skylines that I just happened upon. Again, Brandon just free handed them. The silhouettes I found online had windows drawn in so I started to copy what they had but then I just went rogue and did what felt right. The clouds are made from regular old tag board. I hung everything using 3M Command strips. It worked great and didn’t leave a mess or take off paint. The city has since been transported to Corbin’s room. He loves it and I was happy not to have to throw it away.

skyline photo booth

superhero photobooth

diy skyline

superhero backdrop

superhero birthdaysuperhero party

super hero phootbooth

superhero background superhero photo booth

superhero party

In the midst of my new-to-me-sewing-machine excitement back in January, I decided I should sew capes for all the kids coming to Corbin’s party. I’m not really sure what I was thinking. The movie mats were the last things I sewed. They were straight lines. That’s it. I knew this was going to be quite the adventure. I found a site that offered up measurements for the cape but a) I didn’t feel like the neck closures left enough space and b) I felt an anxiety bomb go off inside me thinking about measuring the capes. I took the easy route and bought this pattern online.  I taped the pattern together and folded packing tape over the edges to help sturdy it up. I used the patterns to make big kid and little kid capes and kind of winged it for the baby capes.

It was way easier for me to cut out the colored sides of the capes, open them up and lay them on the black fabric. I pinned the black and colored pieces together and then used the colored cape as a guide for the black piece. It was more cutting but I was finding that for some reason my colored (outside) and black (inside) cuts weren’t lining up…at all. I’m sure it was because I was moving the pattern ever so slightly while I was cutting. Doing it this way made for a perfect inside/outside match. Also, I got a couple more capes out of the fabric this way.

cape directions


I finished the capes according to the instructions that came with the pattern. I sewed the capes, leaving about a 4 inch space to turn them right side out. Once turned, I sewed around all the edges again, making sure to carefully close the hole left from turning them. I sewed hook and loop (name brand: Velcro) on to the neck tabs. I bought the cheap stuff at Jo-Ann Fabric, cut rectangles and sewed around the rectangle twice. The kids were taking them on and off throughout the party and it seemed to hold up fabulously. I used felt to make the circles, lightning, and initials and ironed them on using Steam-a-Seam.

This picture was taken right inside our front door. When the kiddos got to the party, they could throw on their cape. To make it easy for parents, I put siblings on the same bar.

super hero capes instructions

In no way were these perfectly stitched, but they served their purpose well. I’ve been getting text messages today (the day after the party) from moms with pictures of the kids wearing them around town. I’d say the capes were a success!

  • Natasha L says:

    Hi – I love your capes! They look great! I’m planning on the same thing for my son’s first birthday party. Most of the kids will be toddlers. Which type of fabric did you use – satin or cotton? I was thinking about attaching adhesive velcro to the backs of the kids tee’s and capes so we can avoid the neck closure. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

    (July 21, 2014 at 11:18 am)
  • Jennifer says:

    The actual sewing was less than 10 minutes/cape. To make the whole thing was about 30 minutes including cutting, sewing, Velcro, and personalization. Thanks for stopping by!

    (April 8, 2014 at 2:36 pm)
  • Misty says:

    How long did it take you to sew those?

    (April 8, 2014 at 2:32 pm)
  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks Diane!

    (April 8, 2013 at 9:50 am)
  • Diane W. says:

    Sure looks like it was a success! You should be proud of your sewing accomplishments – they came out adorable! Bet the kids had a blast!

    (April 7, 2013 at 11:54 pm)

We’re working on independence (always) in our home. With summer coming and our calendar filling I’m reminded that summer is not exactly a down time for us. I’m excited for everything we have planned but also excited for the boys’ enjoyment of helping our household run. It will be a very different summer this year. There will be no diapers, no strollers, and if we get really involved in whatever we’re doing, we can pass on naptime. It will also be the first summer where I’m not the sole cleaner-upper. When I read It’s a Boy! Understanding Your Son’s Development from Birth to Age 18 by Dr. Michael Thompson one of the things I took from it was a boy’s deep desire to be a part of the community. When we appeal to a boy’s sense of responsibility within that community we stop making chores work and start making them about helping the household run. Boys thrive on having a responsibilities. I didn’t expect to be using that tidbit with my boys at 4 (okay less than a week from 5 but I might be in denial) and 3 ½ but I have.

In the past month or so we’ve been testing out some new “chores” for the boys. These aren’t on-the-fridge or earn-some-money chores. In fact, they’ve never heard the word chores. The tasks they are doing are ones that contribute to the day to day running of our household. At some point in the past month Brandon and I have stopped being the ones cleaning up after the boys. They have always been responsible for keeping their rooms and the toy room clean but now it’s more than that. They are taking their dishes from the table, emptying any uneaten food in to the garbage, and then loading them in to the dishwasher (or putting them in the sink if the dishwasher is already running). They are hauling their laundry downstairs and sorting them in to the colors, darks, or whites bins. They are both getting up in the morning, dressing themselves, and brushing their teeth.  They share the task of vacuuming and swiffering the kitchen and dining room after supper or any particular messy meal. I didn’t ever expect this to be happening so early but I am not complaining.

We’ve never phrased these tasks as something they have to do. In the beginning, we asked for their help in these chores. They embraced the independence and felt good about helping us out. Now, these things have turned in to habits and we rarely are reminding them to complete them. Are the tasks completed like I would complete them? Nope. Are the boys as thorough as I would be? Nope. Do I redo them sometimes? Absolutely! However, never when they can see me. If someone was always redoing the things you did, you’d learn really fast to just stop doing them.

We’ve been trying to find ways for them to keep growing their independence. Breakfast on Fridays ( I only teach Monday-Thursday) and weekends get a little crazy. Let’s be honest. It takes me way longer to get ready than my husband and boys. I get the boys’ food ready and get them started eating and then I go take a shower and get ready. I’m thankful that they can eat breakfast without supervision. The one thing I get called back to the kitchen for is more milk. Cue genius idea. I had just rinsed out a creamer container and it was drying to be used in the car for snacks during some upcoming travel. I saw it sitting there, filled it with milk and BOOM! Momma made a milk container perfect for the boys to use independently. Hudson (3 ½) wanted to use it first but since I filled it to the top, it was too heavy to hold it and also hold his cup steady so I held his cup. If it’s filled ¾ of the way he can pour it without any help. Corbin had no problem using it at all. Problem solved! I felt like the MacGyver of mommas. It’s amazing how something so simple can give them independence and me a few more consecutive minutes of drying my hair. Obligatory cuteness with a sneak peek of our current project:

pouring for kids

We switched to Natural Bliss creamer. I’m not ready to make my own creamer but this is a definite upgrade from all the junk in the other stuff. Although, I do wish they would explicitly tell us what the natural flavoring is. I’m also looking forward to putting milk in the container with the white cap. Yes, a little OCD but really, how nice will white on white look?

I’m still a little in shock that this is where we are in life. I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for them to be this independent but I know it’s what they need and deserve.  How do you help foster independence in your home?


Corbin’s turning the big 5 this year. Now, admittedly, we have been skimping on the birthday parties the last couple of years. We had some big blowouts and then we just kind of faded on our party planning skills. Oh, and by ‘we’ I mean me of course. This year is different. This year is a big birthday – a whole hand worth of fingers. That’s something to celebrate. When I “consulted” my son about his birthday party he said he wanted a bike party where everyone brought their bikes over and rode them. I had to remind him his birthday is in March…and that he lives in Minnesota.  So, we brainstormed about what else he might like at his party. He listed every superhero I know of and then some. To be honest, he could have totally been making them up and I’d have no idea. A superhero birthday it is!

I didn’t want napkins and plates plastered with The Avengers so I’m lucky I have one of the LEAST picky kids I’ve ever encountered. He’s super chill and could really care less about the aesthetics of his party. He just can’t wait to have everyone over. This is perfect for me because I can make it look like whatever I want it to.   I’ve decided on a color scheme and am going from there. Here is the palette I came up with for the big day. It took me a couple of hours to finally pick these colors. I first narrowed it down from several color combos and then tweaked and tweaked until I came up with something I loved.

superhero party swatch

Here’s the invite:border

I’m still in the planning stages with a lot of the details but I will update as I go. How do you handle birthdays in your home? Do certain birthdays hold more weight than others or are all created equal?


February 9, 2013 in freebies, holidays

Oh yes, I’m that mom. You see, I have been contemplating all these cool Valentines I’ve seen on Pinterest and trying to decide which ones to do. Now, it’s the weekend before the big day and I’ve got nada. Well, I had nada. I must have had some good karma saved up because my boys were oh-so-excellent in Target today. They even let me *gasp* browse. While I was there I found some crayon rings in the dollar section ($3.00).

Crayon Rings

I was going to use these for both boys but then came across some bouncy balls (24 for $3.00) and decided Corbin could use those. Hudson was momentarily devastated but there are lots of 2 year olds in his class and I felt like the balls were way more of a choking hazard. I also got some sour gummy worms for Corbin to give at daycare since, again, there are little ones. Oh yes, did I mention I was shopping for two preschool classes and a daycare? That also includes a total of nine teachers. I came home and whipped up some Valentine’s during naptime. Here they are:

free valentine

free ball valentine

free valentine

They fit snack sized zipper bags. Easy, inexpensive and some candy-free options. I haven’t had the boys write their names on them yet. I’m going to do that tonight as we wind down for bed. After a crazy day of sledding and hot chocolate creations, they are a little wired.

Oh, what’s that you say? You are a procrastinator like me, need something fast, and don’t have time to whip these up yourself? Just click on the image to download them for yourself. I printed them on 8.5 x 11 heavy cardstock, 3 per page.  Enjoy!


February 1, 2013 in sewing projects

So, my mother-in-law borrowed me her sewing machine. She got a new “fancy” one and I had a sewing machine on my Christmas list. She gave me hers to use to see if I would actually like sewing. As soon as I got home with it I took it out, put it on my desk, read the manual-which seemingly was in another language, and then promptly put it back in the case. I imagine this is what my grandparents felt like when they got their first computer. I mean, I have NO background information in sewing. I knew what the thread, needle, foot pedal and bobbin were. That literally was the extent of my knowledge. I thought I was pretty good remembering bobbin! Apparently whatever my middle school home economics teacher taught me did not stick. I even called me ever-so-tech savvy husband over. His super tech powers were no match for a machine that was strictly mechanical.

A month later my mother-in-law came to stay at our house the night before she flew out from Minneapolis. She taught me to fill the bobbin, how to thread the machine, and sew. She then told me I had to do a project before she returned in 10 days. Oy. I had pinned these mats from Pinterest and ran to Ikea for their uber-cheap pillows and some pillowcases. It took me a whole nap time (and let’s be honest that is some precious, precious time) to get it to work. I would sew, it’d get all bunched up underneath and I’d take a deep breath. By the time the boys woke up from their 2 hour nap, I was ready to throw the whole machine in our fireplace. Seriously. Of course, as soon as they woke, the machine magically worked. I’m not even quite sure what had gone wrong. My mother-in-law chalked it up to maybe having thread stuck somewhere by the bobbin. The sewing part was actually not too bad. Not beautiful stitching, but for my first project they work and totally serve their purpose. In fact, my children have even come up with all new purposes for them.

movie mat

Snuggled up.  Hudson folds up the ends of his to use as his “snack tray”  Perfect for popcorn during the movie!

movie mat

Corbin folds his end up to use as a blanket.


I used this tutorial. Simple, right? HA, I say. HA. Because I’m an uber-beginner there were a lot of things I didn’t even know that I didn’t even know. For example I tried setting the two pillowcases side by side (that’s what one tutorial said to do) and just overlap a little bit and then sew. Okay, well this worked but ended up with the crookedest line you ever did see. Okay, so if you are not a beginner, laugh away. If you are let me give you a few things I learned from this project.

1)  Don’t thread your tension knobber thing before your thread take up. Seriously. It doesn’t work and you could end up with your sewing machine in the fireplace if you don’t realize what you’ve done.

2)  Put your two pillowcases evenly on top of each other to sew them together.


3) Have you noticed those little lines to the right of your needle? Those are helpful for keeping your fabric straight–in case you suck at pinning like me. Ignored my number two hint (like I did for the first whole mat )? Good luck, sweetie, your lines are now buried under the second pillowcase.  I’m sure they have a real name. I don’t know what it is.

4) Apparently everyone says you should iron and wash first. I didn’t do that  either. I did end up washing one of the movie mats and everything held and looks great like it did before I washed it.

I used five pillowcases for each movie mat. I like that they are as long as a bed this way. Plus, the boys can fold two pillows on top of each other for some extra cushion on their little heads and still fit their whole bodies on them. This will come in handy when we take them camping this summer!

My first adventure in sewing turned out usable. I’ll take that for the win. I’ve started another project that will take a while so I’m not going to go ruin the surprise. I will tell you it involves a pattern which I don’t even know how to read or use….. More adventures to come!

  • [...] all the kids coming to Corbin’s party. I’m not really sure what I was thinking. The movie mats were the last things I sewed. They were straight lines. That’s it. I knew this was going to [...]

    (April 7, 2013 at 4:22 pm)
  • Louisa says:

    I will have one in fuchsia that is four pillows wide and seven pillows long. I can pick it up tomorrow, right?

    (February 1, 2013 at 12:05 pm)

Honesty check. So, as you all know or have noticed, I took an extended break from portraits. I am struggling with that work-life balance thing. Being a Pre-K teacher 4 days a week and a full time momma to my two awesome littles, leaves hardly any time to enjoy photography. I love doing sessions here and there but it really started to feel like another job and that’s not why I fell in love with it. I fell in love with capturing connections and being able to immerse myself in the love I was editing. I burned out. I wasn’t feeling the love. I felt like I was taking too much time away from my children and (oh-so-understanding) husband. It became work because I worried so much about my style fitting my clients’ wants and needs instead of just doing what I loved and recognizing they hired me because of my style.  Oh, and there’s all of this in my life: Hushed No More. While all that happens over at HNM is a real part of my life right now it is such a minute slice. HNM is helping other survivors and helping parents protect their own kiddos and I’m not willing to give that up. However, what’s happening over there is not what defines my life. Despite it, my life is amazing. AH-MAY-ZING and I want to share all that amazingness too!

So, here I am. Raw, honest and feeling like a failure in the business of photography. Even as I write that, I realize I didn’t set out to make this a business. I did this for myself.  Being paid for doing something I loved somehow justified the time away from my family (only in my head of course). So, what’s next you may be wondering? Well you have tuned in at just the right moment.

I will not let this blog sit empty for months again. I was pigeon holding myself when it came to the blog. I worried about putting i-phone pictures up because I didn’t want future clients to think that was what my professional photos looked like. I worried about putting too many personal photos or activities up because I this was my photography site after all. “No more!” I say! No more rules for this little blog. I will post whatever makes my heart sing.

But, Jennifer- why don’t you just start a new blog with a new address? Well, quite frankly, I don’t want to. Maybe when I come up with some super incredible blog name that hasn’t already been taken? For now, I’m quite content here.

What can you expect? Well that is certainly a good question and one that I can’t answer fully. I will tell you I’ll be posting some adventures in parenting, adventures in pretending to be crafty, adventures in marriage and adventures in photographing beautiful people.  That’s all you get for now! Well, almost all. I feel like I’ve left you all hanging and so here are some highlights of life since my last blog post -  stolen from my yearly digital scrapbook.

Sidenote: the last blog post was about our Happy Family Movement summer bucket list challenge. We are already plotting planning this summer’s adventures and you are not going to want to miss it!






  • I love these! You have to do what is best for your family. :)

    (January 31, 2013 at 4:25 pm)
  • Crystal says:

    These are great memories that you will cherish!

    (January 31, 2013 at 3:29 pm)
  • AshleyS says:

    I say do what is best for you and your family and let the chips fall where they may–Congratulations on finding your center. :)

    (January 31, 2013 at 2:27 pm)

Oh what a busy two weeks! We had house guests for the bulk of last week so I apologize for not getting a blog post off for that week. Lucky you! Now you get a double dose of our bucket list adventures. One thing I’ve added to some of the photos is a little “iphoneography” watermark if photos were taken with my iPhone. Here’s the thing, I love sharing all our adventures with all of you but this blog is also visited by future clients so I want to be clear that some of these photos are indeed from a camera phone.

So, about our houseguests: “Auntie Becky” and “Baby Joe/Baby Cuz” came to stay with us last week. On our bucket list we had something along the lines of showing Joe the city. However, this week was soccer camp week and super hot so we didn’t exactly get out and about too much. Good thing the real goal of this adventure was to have them stay with us.  The boys loved snuggling their cousin every morning and it was so sweet to see them around the baby. We’re looking forward to hanging out on Joe’s turf next month!

Next up was mini-golf. Love. The boys had so much fun and since we did it at the Science Museum of Minnesota, we got to talk about all sorts of fun stuff. Check out all the lessons here.  Corbin got a hole in one on the first hole. Lucky kid. Hudson didn’t really get the putter. He would try once and a while to hit the ball, but ultimately, he just would kick it into the hole.

We headed to the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis to check out Wild Rumpus bookstore and eat at Sebastian Joe’s. The bookstore was so fun. They have all sorts of animals and a great selection of books.  Hudson liked the parakeets while Corbin preferred to “read” all about baseball dads. At Sebastian Joe’s we had the most delicious ice cream. It was so yummy. The boys liked that they got sprinkle cones. You can see Hudson’s mad face below. There was a little bird hopping under our table picking up dropped sprinkles and waffle cone pieces. This did not please Huds at all and he took every opportunity to scold that bird.

While we were walking around we headed in to Creative Kidstuff and I picked up a tie dye kit. During our 10 minute look around the store I was told by two different employees that it was the best kit ever. I was skeptical but went ahead and bought it even though I had picked up a cheaper one earlier in the week. I am so glad I listened. The boys’ jammie shirts turned out so cute. I don’t have many pictures of the actual process because I was trying to manage the mess but they boys had fun. Even though the kit listed 8+ as the appropriate age, I would recommend it for littles with their parents’ help. Here’s the link to the tie dye kit.

It was so. darn. hot this week. Welcome to Minnesota! I decided it would be a good week to make our piñata. Again, I did it during the week so the process doesn’t have many pictures but I tried to get some shots once my hands were flour/water free. First of all, the boys didn’t like the mess but did help me paper mache one of the balloons. I tried to be all fancy and that totally failed. My little fish scales started falling off once I got about half way up. It’s too bad because it could have been cute. The boys didn’t want to decorate their piñata so white tissue paper it was. We, of course, picked a ridiculously hot day to smack that thing open. Oh, and we have a black drive way so literally the candy started melting the instant it hit the drive way. Good thing “it’s the process not the product” because we ended up with two ugly piñatas and candy that needed to go in the fridge to reharden plus two very happy little boys.

Half way through the week I remembered berry picking. I looked at every pick-your-own berry place to see where we could go get some strawberries (the preferred berry in this house). Wouldn’t you know strawberry season ended early this year . We headed to Berry Hill Farm to pick raspberries instead. It was a small but really nice place and the boys had fun. Well, Hudson had fun. Corbin had fun when he wasn’t running from every bug buzzing around his face.  To his credit he had just been stung by a bee two days earlier so that was pretty fresh in his mind but it made picking berries quite challenging for him. Every time he got his little pint filled up it’d end up being thrown on the ground as he ran. It was quite amusing. Hudson gave me a report on every berry he touched. He ‘d tell me if it came off easy and was ready or if it needed more time.

With Brandon home on Saturday we headed to the 5-8 Club to have a real Juicy Lucy. Meh. I’m glad it was on our bucket list. I’m glad we did that very “Minneapolis” thing but I won’ t be running back anytime soon. A Juicy Lucy is cheese tucked inside two quarter pound beef patties. It’s a cheesy volcanic mess when you bite it. There’s some discrepancy as to who really invented the Juicy Lucy (Matt’s Bar also claims to be the original) and it’s been on the TV shows Food Wars and Man vs. Food. Like I said, I’m glad we did it but really was not overly impressed. The restaurant was cute, staff was great and everyone’s food tasted great I just didn’t care for the Juicy Lucy. Please don’t send me hate mail.

That night we headed down to Hastings for their weekly car show. It was so hot but there were a lot of cool cars and the boys really liked to analyze the engines when the cars’ hoods were up.  Of course Brandon was in heaven and I enjoyed the people watching. All were happy. The boys were referred to as twins twice in five minutes. I guess when they are sitting in a side by side stroller and it’s hard to see the height difference I could see how someone would say that. Actually, not really. I can’t see it but I’m trying to not call those people crazy.

So there’s our bucket list update. Hope the rest of you are checking things off of yours and enjoying your summer!





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    (April 11, 2013 at 8:37 am)
  • Good to see your crossing more off your list :)

    (August 20, 2012 at 10:46 am)
  • AshleyS says:

    awesome blog post! LOVE the collage of car photos!

    (July 10, 2012 at 9:23 pm)
  • Mikki says:

    How fun! Seems like the boys are having a great time with their bucket list adventures. Love the pinata idea!

    (July 10, 2012 at 11:14 am)
  • Wow, y’all have been busy!! Looks like a lot of fun!

    (July 10, 2012 at 10:16 am)
  • Man, oh man, you’re making a dent on that list for sure.
    I LOVE those shirts. Awesomeness.

    (July 10, 2012 at 12:02 am)
  • Naomi says:

    Fun times!

    (July 9, 2012 at 11:42 pm)
  • Jennifer says:

    That looks like a busy two weeks, and a very ambitious bucket list. You are in for a fun filled summer.

    (July 9, 2012 at 9:09 pm)
  • oh how sweet!! What a neat idea. gorgeous photos!

    (July 9, 2012 at 1:53 pm)
  • Kerri says:

    What cuties!

    (July 9, 2012 at 10:15 am)
  • Misha says:

    This looks like a super fun summer!

    (July 8, 2012 at 4:20 pm)
  • FUN!!! Such a great idea!

    (July 7, 2012 at 7:29 pm)
  • Jane says:

    Looks like one busy summer ahead of you all! What a great way to capture the whole summer – love the photos, especially the ice cream :)

    (July 6, 2012 at 10:13 am)

We had many adventures this week. Now, we did not plan on doing so many bucket list activities in a one week span; it just kind of happened. However, though tiring, it was so nice to spend time with family and friends that feel like family.

We had fun at a new beach and playground on Saturday and then headed to the Minnesota Air Spectacular on Sunday. It was seriously like 100 degrees….at an airport…zero clouds. We all managed to stick around until the end of the show when the Blue Angels performed and it was pretty amazing. Plus, the clouds started to roll in at that point and there was some relief from the sun. We used  A LOT of sunscreen and the boys managed to stay sunburn free. Brandon and me? Not so much. My sister-in-heart (side note: I love that, I heard a woman refer to her daughter-in-laws this way and it’s so fitting) and her family met us there and it was wonderful to spend the day with them. I wish we all lived closer. My boys adore their “baby cuz”.

Monday night we headed to Cottage View Drive-In in Cottage Grove. Oh my goodness, it was a blast! Again, we got to spend it with people we adore and miss so it was extra special. We brought tons of popcorn and snacks and the kids munched all night. Oh, and those cute little plastic popcorn containers? Thank you Target dollar section! It actually started to get chilly so we headed out after the first movie but the kiddos enjoyed Madagascar 3. We found out that this drive-in will be closing after the season because a large chain not worth mentioning bought the land. Sad…so go check it out this summer if you are in the area. We went on a Monday night and got there about 7:15 ( gates open at 8 ) and we were PLENTY early and got our choice of spots.

I’m not sure how many bucket list adventures we’ll fit in this week. We have adventure hang over today but Baby Joe  (and his awesome Momma) is coming to stay with us next week so I’m sure we’ll have some things to share.

We had many adventures this week. Now, we did not plan on doing so many bucket list activities in a one week span; it just kind of happened. However, though tiring, it was so nice to spend time with family.

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    (April 17, 2013 at 12:58 pm)
  • Chavi says:

    How exciting & fun! I love the air show!!

    (July 8, 2012 at 11:39 am)
  • I love the beach photos!! Great job :)

    (June 20, 2012 at 10:18 am)