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October 30, 2010 in couples, families, kids

This is one of my dearest friends. One of my dearest friends who is also beautiful, inside and out, and uber-creative. I can’t forget to give a shout out to Mike, who was totally a trooper. One of Amy’s friends said to her “How did you get Mike to wear that hat?” Her response? “Constant nagging.” If he was reluctant, he didn’t show it. I think now that he has seen the photos he realizes they wouldn’t be the same without that hat. I love when clients get creative. Does it mean you have to? Of course not, but it makes for some pretty stellar photos. We headed to the Mill District in Minneapolis and had a fun, albeit cold, session. They are such a gorgeous family and the love they have for each other is so evident. Their daughter Natalie has curls just like I had when I was little and I’m so jealous that my boys did not inherit them. Look at those tight little ringlets! Thanks for choosing me to capture your vision and your love for each other J family!

I got a little carried away with this sneak peek but once you see all the images you’ll see why it was so hard to choose.

Remember that uber-creative thing I was talking about?:
funky photography Minneapolis

Amy rocked her heels:
minneapolis fresh photography

Most of the time anyway!:
Minneapolis blooper

Mike and Amy were changing their outfits and I was hanging with Natalie who had yet to put on her fancy clothes. I loved this photo so much, I couldn’t resist including it:
blaine childrens photographer

More love:
minneapolis family photographer

This is my FAVORITE photo. I love it. Amy was laughing (and pointing even!) at Mike’s pose. I thought he looked quite distinguished. Amy had other ideas:
mill ruins park family session

Thanks for choosing me to capture your vision and your love for each other J family!

October 24, 2010 in babies, couples, families, kids

I love this family. The girls and I are intertwined through the friendship that our parents share. I started off with the plan of just doing one of the family’s photos and then I got an e-mail that they wanted pictures of all the kids and grandkids. I was so excited to be able to get images of ALL of them! A family tree session typically consists of mini sessions (10-15 photos instead of the usual 20-30) for all the families plus a mini session for the large group shots. In the middle of the shoot John and Julie let me know that we were at the same location that they got married! They then went on to say that their photographer didn’t get any photos of just the two of them on that day. I felt honored to go back to the spot where the wedding family photos were taken and to give them some photos of just the two of them. I found out later they both cried as they looked through the slideshow. I know it is not always fun to get photos taken but what an amazing gift to give your family! It was an awesome experience and it was a beautiful day so the kids had a blast. Thanks for letting me capture your connections R family!

algona family tree

I  have been playing around with photography my whole life. Like many photographers, when my children were born, I realized how precious every moment had become and wanted to capture every little thing. For the past year, I have been experimenting on friends, family, and strangers at public events. I enjoy capturing moments and emotions. After all, when I look at photos of myself and my family, I want them to tell a story and show the connections between people and the world around them. I want to remember my husband’s horrible college haircut, the craziness of our engagement, the way I dropped the dove at our wedding, and my children’s sleepy newborn smiles and toddler antics.

I was so lucky to attend Cheryl Muhr’s The Secret Workshop when she came to Minneapolis in May.  Photos from the workshop are  shown below. It was the push I needed to start sharing my gift of capturing moments with others. When I show up, camera in tow, and ready to start snapping, I want you to answer me this question: What do you want to remember about these moments?