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This week’s challenge was all about the eyes. I couldn’t help but enter one from a few months ago. It’s amazing what eyes say to you.

Let me preface this WHOLE post by saying I don’t do weddings. I love weddings as much as the next girl. I love the emotion, the connection, and that feeling you get being surrounded by families that love each other. I get teary-eyed and sappy and it makes me remember my wedding day. It fills me up to see a couple that loves each other get announced as Mr. and Mrs. I, however, prefer to appreciate all that a wedding brings as a guest, and not a photographer.

My sister-in-law, Becky, asked me to photograph her wedding last summer, as soon as she got engaged. I said absolutely not. She begged and pleaded and probably was pretty mad I said no. I just didn’t feel I was at a caliber to do a wedding. Becky even mentioned that if I didn’t do it, she would be fine with someone just using a point-and-shoot camera to get the shots that she wanted (which were pretty limited). After seeing what she wanted and knowing I couldn’t let her have someone use a point-and-shoot to photograph her wedding, I agreed. It was a great experience, but didn’t change my mind about photographing weddings.

Ben and Becky got married on the hottest day of the year. It was H-O-T. I’m talking over-100-degree-heat-index hot. Becky really just wanted some getting ready pictures, some family pictures and the important ceremony photos and everything else was just an extra treat for her. Knowing I wanted to give her something more than that, I convinced dragged everyone outside. The wedding party was a bunch of troopers. We made it outside for a few shots before we decided we better not let anyone pass out BEFORE the wedding. After all, when the bride is ready to go inside, you go inside. The ceremony was beautiful and then the bride invited me on the bus to head to a couple of local watering holes before heading over to the reception.

I had a blast with everyone and am happy to have been able to capture your special day. Congrats to the Martinsons! May your days be filled with happiness!

Here are a couple of my favorites from the day, followed by a slideshow of the rest.