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I only have two days left with students and two days of clean up before it’s officially my summer. We are signed up for summer activities and are continuing to plan when we are going to complete bucket list items! My favorite part of planning is that we are making plans with so many friends and family to complete the list. It’s a good way to get time together on the calendar so summer doesn’t slip away without seeing them all.

This week we somehow completed three more! We headed to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market and scored some yummy grass-fed beef and pork. The boys’ favorite part was by far watching kettle corn being made! There was a clown, which terrified Hudson. Only after we started walking away did he want to try to walk up to him.

After that we drove a couple blocks to the sculpture garden and let the boys run loose. Corbin is most definitely a rule follower so he made sure to tell everyone that they were not supposed to be climbing on the sculptures. The Walker was hosting it’s free Saturday so they had outside activities like looking at tadpoles from the pond and rolling down hills in play tunnels. The boys had a blast.

After all that we went home and made popsicles which were a hit, except for the seeds. Next time, I’m trying peaches. Hudson is not a fan of loud noises so there’s a picture of him huddled under his blanket while Corbin and I were pureeing everything.  I’m looking forward to many more rocket pops with different recipes.

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This has been a busy week for us and I’m not even out of school yet! We planted our garden, which is our first official completed bucket list item. It was an adventure. Since we live in a townhome, we decided to rent a plot at our community garden. Wow.  Let’s just say there are some serious gardeners out there. There’s nothing wrong with that, we are just totally not. I’m hoping to get a few veggies and not kill them all. We planted tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn, cucumbers, and sugar peas. Since it’s our first garden, I’m not holding out for a huge harvest but it will be fun for the boys and hopefully we’ll get some fresh veggies without heading to the farmer’s market.

I was in Winona (and various other small river towns) yesterday checking out wineries with friends. Delicious.  Brandon was home with the boys and it was a yucky day. Showers on and off, but at least it was warm. Brandon took the boys to play out in the rain and texted me “Playing in the rain! Another bucket list item.”  I had my camera so he was left with his phone but he snapped away and told me he took lots of pictures so we could cross it off the list. They are not the most high quality photos but they capture the moment. I’m sure we’ll play in the rain again and get better pictures. Who says you can’t do a bucket list item more than once? Not this family!

Today was our first 90+ day of summer and of course that means heading to the nearest body of water…or splash pad! I am so happy it opened this weekend. The boys had a blast and I’m sure we’ll head back many more times. While we were there Corbin kept saying “This is on our bucket list right, Mom?” Half way through, Hudson decided he did NOT want to be wearing wet swim trunks and begged to have them taken off. I tried to persuade him to keep them on but he wasn’t having it. So, off they came. I guess a plus of not being potty trained yet is that at least he had a swim diaper on.

Here are the pictures of our bucket list adventures from the week and an updated list with the completed items crossed off. Looking forward to crossing more off the list soon!

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Summer is almost here! Things are winding down in the classroom, the weather is warmer and it’s single-digit work days before school is out for summer. I am super excited to spend summer with the boys and have been thinking of all the things we want to do. Then I remembered The Happy Family Movement Summer Bucket List Challenge. Truth time: I was a happy family flop last year. I signed up for the challenge and didn’t even make the list.

This year is different, my friends. Last Friday during lunch the boys and I brainstormed some ideas for our list. With a 4 and a 2.5 year old, this looked more like them giving me a few ideas and me coming up with the rest BUT they do have some ownership in it and were excited about the other ideas I came up with. We read it over with Brandon when he got home from work and he had nothing to add. I like to think this is because I’m such an awesome wife that I included everything he would have wanted—I mean I even had Elko Speedway on the list.  There are a few things we’ve done before and want to make sure to do again, but mostly its new stuff. We’ve lived in the Minneapolis area for 6 years and are reminded often of all the quintessential Minneapolis activities/attractions that we have yet to see and do. I kept that in mind while making our list and we ended up with the 60 you see below. Most of these we’ll do as a family but I’m sure there will be some that just me and the boys do as I’m off all summer and Brandon is stuck in his stuffy office.  We are giving ourselves a little wiggle room to complete our list because there are a few things (State Fair and Renaissance Festival for example) that back up dangerously close to the end of August.

minneapolis summer photographer

I took our brainstorming/scribbles and whipped up that cute little list but decided that though that was great for me, I wanted the boys to have more of a visual. Cue my Spotify “design” playlist, some chevron, and a summer color palette and you have our bucket list cards. Here’s a before shot of our picture wall and then the after with our bucket list cards strung across the kitchen/dining room wall. The plan is to replace the cards with a picture from the bucket list adventure. If we manage to remember to keep all the cards, we’ll put the cards and photos in a photo album at the end of our summer and of course, the photos will all make our annual family scrapbook. This is a good thing because I have seriously been lacking on taking photos of my own family these first six months of 2012.

So there you have it. The HFM Summer Bucket List Challenge is underway in our household. I’m looking forward to blogging about all our adventures and checking out the other participants adventures too! Want to participate? Head over to The Happy Family Movement and sign up!